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Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products to their buyers without ever actually stocking the items themselves. Instead, when a dropshipping store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. Dropshipping is a good business model for people who have no manufacturing experience, and for those who have no large capital to buy products in bulk.

In a typical business, you have to buy a large number of products. You store them in your house, then sell them online, then ship a product if a sale was made. If they do not sell, you suffer a financial loss. Dropshipping doesn’t work that way, if you don’t sell a product it doesn’t really matter because you didn’t pay upfront for it. Therefore, you get to run your business at a low cost even almost zero cost. Sign up to learn how to do it today …

More info on the brochure DROPSHIPPING-BROCHURES.png



CDC CONSULTING – provide some opportunities for personal capability development for the people. These Webinars will be specially designed to suit your collective needs….in response to a simple survey for you to express the development priorities of your staff/people.

Terms and Conditions
Webinar Providers:
Selected presenter with interesting and relevant topics to share
Fees charged to Companies:
RM1,000 (for 10 Webinars for 10 months @ 1 Webinar per month): Paid to CDC Consulting.
Duration of Webinars:
1 hour (40 min talk + 2 0 min Q & A)
Expected Launching
Late October/early November 2020 (1st Webinar) …after at least 5 Companies enrolled. Appreciate enrolment latest by 1st October.
The 1-hour Webinar:
Dates and times decided by Presenter & CDC Consulting. One Webinar per month. Four Webinars mannounced an advance with topic synopsis and profile of presenter. Reminders to be sent out about 10 days before Webinars.
Ranging from Self-Development, Leadership & Communication, Talent Identification & Development, Business Skills, Finance, Supply and Procurement to Strategic Thinking, Risk & Governance, etc.,
The workforce and their Head of HR & Admin + others in company (about 10 pax per Webinar per Company). Total pax per Zoom Webinar max at 400 i.e. about 40 Companies.

Do contact Mazwin at 016-2177498 or email to for further details.

The link to the survey will also be available here


How many times have we heard it said that “people are our organization’s greatest asset?” Talent management is all about making that phrase more than mere lip service. Indeed, some contemporary observers of the business scene predict that HR departments will go away in the future—replaced by Talent Management departments.

Talent management is a term in search of a meaning. For some people, it means the same as succession planning; for others, it means seamlessly-integrated efforts to attract, develop and retain the best people; and, for some people, it means efforts designed to integrate all components of an organization’s human resources system to attract, select, develop, appraise, reward, and retain the best people.

The best advice: come up with a definition for talent management that meets your organization’s unique needs (Krueger, 2007; Rothwell & Kazanas, 2003).

For more details please refer to this TALENT-MANAGEMENT.pdf


Developing a business strategy for the future can be very challenging as everything that affects the company is constantly changing and the future is uncertain. The speed of change and greater uncertainty makes it imperative for companies to have increased organizational flexibility, greater foresight and stronger link between organizational strategy and execution.

This 10-day interactive course is designed to expose the participants to a comprehensive overview of scenario business strategy, business strategic planning, marketing skills, corporate governance and risk management.

Please refer to the details Business-Strategy-Development-Marketing.pdf


Branding Social Media Strategy


This highly interactive course utilities the “Strategic Brand Blueprint” to help participants develop a robust and impactful brand strategy.

• To understand and develop their own “Strategic Brand Blueprint” to implement in their business or organization.
• To understand how the social media works, the different platform and how an individual can leverage on it.
• To be able to define social media marketing concept and its potential
• To identify social media marketing
• To appreciate the benefits of social media marketing
• To understand social media marketing environments
• To be able to create social media accounts, manage and promote them
• To be able to develop the social media marketing strategy
• To be able to use social media marketing tools and manage their social media in an ethical manner

Programme Outline

DAY 1Structure Your Strategic Brand Plan
(Profile target customer/Define brand context)
Clarifying Brand Substance
(Establishing business for the brands)
Defining Brand Values
(Function and emotions of the brands)
DAY 2Clarifying Brand Promise
(Identify features and brand promise)
Establish Brand Positioning
(Craft the brand position)
Brand Value Proposition
(Craft brand value proposition
DAY 3Brand Personality
(Aligned brand to customer)
Tone & Manner
(Determine the brand tone to the customer)
DAY 4Delivering Your Brand Experience
(Understanding the customer purchase decision journey)
Brand Portfolio Management
(Applying the brand inside   your organisation)
Applying Brand Metrics to Measure Success
DAY 5Social Media Marketing
(Introduction & benefits)
Social Media
(Understanding & the advantages)
Tools for Content
(Introduction to photo tools and editing)
DAY 6Facebook Marketing
(Introduction to Facebook & the features for marketing)
Youtube Marketing
Linkedin or Whatsapp / WeChat
Blog Marketing
DAY 7Instagram and Twitter Marketing
Social marketing tools including keywords analysis
Social Media Ethics and Social Media Strategy
Facebook Marketing (Tools and Techniques)
YouTube Marketing (Features and Techniques)
Linkedin/Whatsapp/We Chat Marketing (Features & Technique)
Blog & Marketing (Features & Technique)
Instagram & Twitter Marketing
Social Marketing Tools and analysis (trends, search engine optimization & analysis)