Leadership Development Programme – for Executive & Managers


CDC CONSULTING – provides some opportunities for personal capability development for the people. This Leadership Development Programme will be specially designed to suit your collective needs.

Terms and Conditions
Selected presenters with a various background with interesting and relevant topics to share
Fees charged to Companies:
RM5,000 (11 weekly topic sessions on Learning, Growing, and Performing…)
Duration of the Programme
1.5 hours (Each Thursday, more detailed on the flyers)
(Start from May 20 until July 29)

MediumZoom Platform (Online Session)
Ranging from Self-Development, Building Character Strengths for Resilience and Agility, Inspiring Leadership Behaviours, Working well with high-performance leaders, Emotional intelligence in conflict resolution, Teamwork & Collaboration for Results, The Role of Executive & Managers in Business Strategy Execution.
The workforce of the company. Maximum 20 people in one organization can attend this Weekly Personal Development.

Do contact Mazwin at 016-2177498 or email to mazwin@cdc.edu.my for further details. For more detail please refer to this link Leadership Development Programme for Executive & Managers

Training Calendar – 2021 (February to June )

March17 & 18 People Leadership
Registration Form
Outline/Trainer Profile
April 30 & 31Webinar for Personal Development (Details of the
programme will be inserted later)
20 & 21Procurement Negotiation
27 & 28Retirement Planning (Plannning & Preparing for a
Working Future)
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May 18 &19Customer Relationship Skill
25 & 26Operational Excellence in Procurement
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June22 &23
Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Planning & Preparing for a Working Future

As we approach our ‘calling it a day’ in our corporate life all of us face what we feel would be an ‘uncomfortable, less certain and possibly a risky phase’ in our lives…especially in these uncertain times. This is a common feeling amongst so many of our age and circumstances.

In this 1.5 days, we will address the issues and challenges that working folks face going into normal retirement or just leaving the workforce (willingly or unwillingly)….sometimes alone, sometimes with loved ones. It can be quite foreboding looking ahead. But, like James Bond 007, we may be shaken but should not be stirred!

Let us look at the personal challenges and fears that all of us face as we move into this future situation of uncertain income accompanied by changing relationships, and even possible challenges to our health and psyche….in the longer term.

Programme Outline

In the 1.5 days, the following will be discussed and insights drawn for possible personal decisions and actions, looking ahead:

  1. A general discussion & sharing of these challenges of living outside of the Corporate World that was familiar & comfortable to us
  2. A survey of how ‘prepared’ we are for these challenges going forward…esp in our financial and personal circumstances
  3. Deeper dive into these Challenges:
    1. Assuring Personal Financial Health & Management
    2. Keeping Healthy – physically, emotionally & spiritually
    3. Growing & Developing SELF and relating to family and others
    4. Seeking opportunities for future work engagements and perhaps starting a business
  4. Finally, a personal sharing Dialogue Session with participants in pairs (a 1.5 hr session) after this workshop – at convenient times.

Programme Details

19 & 20 January 2021 (Tue & Wed)

MYR 1,000 Nett

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up now, please download the form and kindly submit to us. More information on this programme in the flyer and feel free to contact us.

Online – People Leadership Programme

  • Understand/enhance their personal role and and effectiveness
  • Adopt a systematic approach and proactive approach to leading people
  • Enhance their skills in listening, giving instructions, coaching, delegating, managing poor commitment and counselling difficult cases.
  • Effectively manage or supervise the people with whom they have to work with in diverse situation


This programme emphasises real work issues, skills practice, and action planning. Post-course follow-up work is an integral part of the programme to ensure skills transfer. To achieve the best learning outcome, the following learning methods will be used:

  • Video
  • Case studies & discussions
  • Instruments / questionnaires
  • Skills practice & role play
  • Syndicate exercises
  • Short lecture

Dates: 26 and 27 January 2021

9.00am to 4.00pm

RM1,000 nett

Feel free to refer to our brochure and kindly download the Registration Form and submitted to us!