With the business environment changing and getting more complex and competitive, executives and managers will increasingly need to think and act with a sharper ‘business-mind’. They find that they have to deal with many issues and interrogatively: marketing, sales, delivery & logistics, finance and operations…and human resources as well. With this in mind, the primary aim of this programme is to help develop competitive business management skills, viz. knowledge and skills in business analysis and strategy, supply chain and cost saving initiatives and general business and financial savvy.

This 2-days programme addresses the ‘Strategic Thinking’ process….with a practical and application approach. To achieve this, a powerful business board simulation will be used as a supplementary learning tool to expose participants via ‘hands-on’ experience, to the difficulties and intricacies of managing a business enterprise in increasingly competitive markets. A case response with challenging questions will complete their learning experience.

Programme Objectives

This Workshop enables participants to:

  • Identify the market forces in various operating environments and how they can affect businesses including their own company or division
  • Understand and describe (new) competitive strategies viz: ‘cooperation’, ‘blue oceans’ and ‘value-added customer propositions’
  • Learn and discuss the techniques of business and portfolio analysis with examples – practice on a Case Response
  • Using a powerful board simulation (Intermediate) simulation, participants will understand and explain the nature and relationships of sales, costs, revenue, margins and assets in managing a business.
  • Learn how to work in a business team (as above) making decisions for both short and long term.in a competitive and changing environment

The design of the Programme specifically assists participants to broaden their business perspective and to enhance their practical general management skills.

Programme Content

Major Sessions :

  • Learn and discuss competitive strategies in different situations
  • Thinking strategically, applying analytical tools to analyze a Case Response and suggest business development opportunities in a competitive environment.
  • Understanding the relationships between sales, costs, revenues, margins and assets management. – in and between Marketing, Production, Logistics and Finance
  • Managing a Company successfully in a competitive environment. Decision-making and strategy formulation as a management team (Intermediate Board Simulation)


The Workshop will provide ample opportunities for participants to learn by “doing” (Business Simulations) and by being challenged (Presentations, Case) and by listening and sharing (lectures, discussions, videos).

Participants are expected to reflect on and identify opportunities within their business units where improvements can be made.

Who Should Attend?

Junior-mid executives and managers from all functions.Maximum no of Participants: 20. Preferably though not essentially, it will be advantageous if participants had attended a basic Finance Course.


Two Days