Retirement Planning Programme the content will inclusive of:

1- Retirement – Perspective of Retirement

2- Relationship – Managing relationship during retirement

3- Family Development  – The retire still have the responsibility towards the children and the parents.

4 – Coping with Change & Stress – Helps to cope with stress during retirement

5 – Legal Issues    – Wills, loans and syariah compliance, tax matters

6- Financial – Living within the means, understanding the budgeting and cashflow and

7. Being An Entrepreneur – Participants can identify themselves whether they have characteristic of entrepreneur.

8. . Post -Retirement Employment – Type of working for the retirement age.

9. Health Issues – Become healthy in the retirement age

10. Retirees Share – Sharing the stories during retirement.

11. Balance in Living – Strategic look at the retirement.

12- Personal Reflections – Explore the idea on the retirement.