“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.”
– Harvard Business Review

Coaching is fast gaining a widespread recognition as the challenge for people development professionals is to enhance organizational effectiveness through behavioral changes in the executives. Using an integrative approach our consultants are capable of identifying and developing a leader’s and manager’s required competency for improving as individuals or as part of a team through unlocking the individual’s or team’s potential.

An effective approach to coaching is by establishing a partnership between the coach and coachee, the manager and subordinates or the leader and team members. The primary aim is to facilitate individual learning and growth, gaining greater self confidence of those being coached and the achievement of the desired results or goals.

Course List

CDC Consulting uses a proven coaching process and techniques known as the GROW Model for conducting coaching sessions with the clients personnel. Coaching and counseling subjects are also offered as in-house training courses for client organizations.