“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”
– Thomas Edison

As organizations embark on their business growth and expansion, inevitably there will be new challenges and requirements placed on the organization’s design and structure. The designing process is a challenging task in that an organization has to balance various factors, competing elements and also the different agendas to develop a structure that will achieve the design objectives and purpose.

There are no less than three key elements to be considered for the any organization design namely: structural framework, management system including the organization’s strategy, customers and competition and thirdly, key roles and reporting relationships for accountabilities and value creation.

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An organization evolves through a number of stages as it adapts to the changing market forces and the environment. In the process issues and challenges relating to how work should be better organized, the need to create a more open problem solving practices, a more conducive work climate and other workplace matters will need to be initiated and managed.

Organizations need to have a planned and sustainable group wide OD program with the principle aim of creating a more effective workforce and organization.