“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
– Ghandi

As we witness growth and constant changes in the business environment the issues of corporate culture becomes relevant and significant to an organization’s performance. It therefore becomes urgent and critical for leaders to determine if the “way we do things here” are supportive or hindering the organization’s effective progress.

Culture is significant since it can exert a strong influence on one’s thinking, mindset, assumptions, attitudes and belief systems which could be a deterrent. To change or transform such ineffective culture would entail un-learning of the existing ways as well as a re-learning and‘re-culturing’ of new ways of thinking and working. All are changes needed to ensure progress of the organization.

Course List

Various competencies in leading transformative change, managing change efforts and dealing with the stakeholder’s resistance to change are required of the change leaders or change agents. Change management is a fundamental competency that is needed by all who are in apposition to make things happen.