This programme is designed to enable managers to acquire effective people management skills through an individualised coaching programme.

To ensure effective learning transfer, the programme methodology includes:

  • Pre-coaching information gathering from the participant’s superiors, subordinates and peers
  • Entering into a coaching contract, to ensure commitment on the part of the participant and the coach to a coaching relationship
  • Coaching sessions, which involve diagnosis, discussion, action planning, review and closure
  • Use of individualised coaching strategies, which are tailored to the developmental needs of the participant.

The relationships between these domains are shown in the diagram.At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Gain greater self-awareness as to how to improve personal effectiveness
  • Manage others effectively
  • Manage performance to achieve desired corporate objectives
  • Develop an action plan to better manage self, others and work performance


Pre-CoachingCoaching ContractCoaching Session
Information gathering:
– From others: through interviews, & / or 360-degree feedback.
– From self: through questionnaire to assess own strengths
Commitment agreement:
– Frequency of meetings
– Meeting details
– Agenda
– Limitations of interaction
– Full duration of coaching relationship
– Ground rules
Diagnosis, discussion, action, planning, review & closure:
– Varied format
– Learner-directed
– Venue selection
– Duration
– Relationship
Coaching Strategy
Individualised approach
– Variety of tools / techniques
– Risk-free environment
– Range of coaching methods (including face-to-face discussions, emails, phone calls)

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers and supervisors. Individual or small team.


Three to Six Months or 12 Sessions