Organizations in the current environment rely heavily on their people to contribute significantly to achieving a competitive advantage for them. In order to achieve this objective managers are entrusted the important task of ensuring that they recruit the right caliber of staff and helps in retaining them. This important activity is critical for the organization as all else depends on the human capital employed. This highly practical and participative program aims to enhance the recruitment and selection skills of managers. As an integral part of management managers are entrusted the important task of ensuring that the persons they recruit are persons who can fit into the company’s culture and contribute significantly to its growth.

As persons recruited are expected to make a career with the company the recruitment and selection process becomes even more critical. The process of recruitment incurs significant costs: hence it is necessary for organizations to ensure that the exercise is cost effective. Managers need to be really aware of the skills required to ensure that recruitment is carried out effective so as to maximize the returns on recruitment investment.

Programme Objective

  • To create an awareness in Managers the critical importance of recruitment and selection
  • To be able to conduct the recruitment and selection in a professional manner
  • To be able to apply some of the selection techniques discussed during the program
  • To develop selection skills in order that the recruitment of staff will be effective and meet organizational objectives

Who Should Attend?

This two-day program is targeted for managers and senior executives who are directly involved in the recruitment and selection of staff. It is also for line managers who frequently have to be involved in the selection of the staff for their own departments.


Two Days