Managing strategy differs from managing operations. Implementing the correct strategy and executing operations effectively are both essential for superior performance. A visionary strategy of a company that is not linked to excellent operational and governance processes cannot be implemented. Conversely a company that has operational excellence but does not have a strategic vision and guidance is not likely to enjoy sustainable success.

Companies fail at implementing a strategy or managing operations because they lack the management system to align these two processes. Companies have a large number of strategic and operational tools to choose from but they do not have a framework to guide the successful integration of these tools. Many companies implement the tools on an ad hoc basis, with little interchange and coordination. The only common feature in most company’s management systems is the financial budget which is being used as the primary tool for coordination, forecasting and performance evaluation. In today’s competitive environment this is no longer sufficient.

Programme Objective

Companies need a formal process for using strategic objectives to set priorities for where operational improvements can have the largest impact on strategy execution. This programme gives a comprehensive and integrated management system that links strategy formulation and planning with operational execution. The closed-loop system gives companies an excellent set of tools to improve performance, to create more consistent and sustained results.

Leadership is necessary for successful strategy execution. The management processes in the programme gives an effective leader a framework for effective strategy execution. The management processes provide leaders with a comprehensive, proven system for managing the development, planning, implementation, review, and adaptation of their strategies. The management system provides a framework that will help develop strategic maps and measuring targets on the implementation initiatives and it would specify the accountability for performance. It would provide guidance for identifying operational problems, barriers and challenges facing the execution of the strategy.

Who Should Attend?

Members of the Board, the management team of organizations, senior managers and managers who operate business units


The programme will be conducted through a series of lectures, case studies , group interactive discussions and syndicate work.


Two Days