In today’s competitive world organizations irrespective of their size or complexity are emphasising on high performance by its employees which is a prerequisite for growth and sustainability. Performance management has become a household name in all progressive organizations. These organizations realize that their long-term growth is dependent on their employee’s effective contributions and productivity. Any organization that already has a well-planned and installed performance management system (PMS) can move forward by revisiting and enhancing it based on changes that have taken place. Organizations should also seize the opportunity to make improvements based on relevant and constructive feedback as well as incorporate new ideas

This Program has been developed based on the needs for senior staff who are actively involved in the development of employees to have a sound understanding of an effective performance management system (PMS). It includes the skills needed to motivate employees to contribute positively to achieving the organizational goals. The significance of the system with the aim to achieve the needs of both the employer and employee will be highlighted

Programme Objective

  • To ensure participants have a sound understanding of the role and significance of performance management in achieving organizational goals
  • To have adequate knowledge of the key stages in a performance management system and be able to impart such knowledge to supporting staff
  • To understand the importance of the employee appraisal and be able to conduct them objectively
  • To be able to view the performance management system as a positive method to develop and improve employee productivity


To be able to appreciate the full advantage of the Program will combine theory and practice. Active participation will be encouraged throughout the duration to ensure ‘buy in’ by the participants. The following main activities will be adopted:

  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Presentations
  • Case studies, Role Plays & Etc.

Who Should Attend?

The Program is designed mainly for line and staff managers who are actively involved in the performance management system of the organization. For effectiveness it is encouraged that the number of participants be kept to not more than 20 persons.


Two Days