Strategic thinking and planning is an important capability for today’s business leaders developing their competitive advantages. Growing skills to bring strategies alive by setting up clear goals, concrete actions and definite consequences is a major aspect of leadership development.

Leaders have visions and insights about what it would take to make long-term improvements in their organization’s performance, processes, or systems. Strategic planning is about figuring out where the organization wants to go and how it is going to get there. It is a continual process for improving organizational performance by developing strategies to produce results. It will deliver maximum value through effective business strategy.

Programme Objective

This programme is designed to combine proven-by-practice strategic planning methods with insights and ideas from a wide range of current thinking. It will examine and analyze the internal dynamics of the organization, as well as the external dynamics of the world outside the organization. It will help participants to analyze whether the organization is effective in its goals and objectives. It will guide participants to establish whether the organization needs to change its direction to fulfill its purpose. Participants will learn the appropriate and effective management tools that can help the organization to do a better job.

The programme will guide participants to align the organization with strategic planning goals by integrating strategy, objectives, metrics and performance and ensure the most effective use of the organization’s resources by focusing on the key priorities. The programme will also provide tools to identify strategic patterns by using scenario planning.

Who Should Attend?

Members of the Board, Managing Directors, General Managers and Senior Managers involve in business planning and execution.


Lectures, Group discussion, Syndicate work and case studies.


Two Days