Safety is a business proposition and it has become part of the business agenda of successful organizations. There is a cost and quality benefit in implementing safety correctly and effectively throughout the organization. A safe operating environment can also enhance the image for the organization.

This programmme is designed for organizations that want to take safety performance to the next level and build a foundation for far reaching organizational excellence. This programme will create a greater awareness of the importance of safety as an important and integral part of the day-to-day business of the organization. It is designed to show what leadership practices are most effective in managing safety within the organization and when dealing with outside parties including contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Programme Objective

  • Current Concepts in Work Safety and Health.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance (Common and statute law- OSH Act).
  • Hazard and Risk Management (Identification, Assessment, Control and Safe System of Work).
  • Principles of Incident and Accident Prevention (accident causation factors, accident investigation and accident reporting).
  • Workplace Inspection and Observation Skills.
  • The implementation of Behaviour Based Safety.
  • The importance of Good Safety Practices in Housekeeping.
  • Machinery & Engineering Hazards (risk & reliability, system engineering, machinery hazards, fire hazard identification and designing for safety).
  • Material and Manual Handling, Forklift Safety, Chemical Handling and PPE.
  • The importance of Locking Systems – security versus safe egress.
  • The essence of Independent Safety Audits and Safety Reviews.
  • Use of Appropriate Clauses in Tender and Contract documents.
  • Implementation of a Safety Management System – making safety as part of the business plan.
  • Tools and Processes to Implement a Positive Safety Culture.


  1. The course will include lectures, group work, case studies and discussions.
  2. An independent safety audit on site conducted by independent consultants. A report will be provided to management. The duration of the audit will depend on the size of the plant, plantation or premises.


Two days