With the current business environment truly being global, creating an ethical and diverse organization is very important. Building an ethical and diverse organization goes far beyond a mere knowledge of regulations however; it’s also about actively building an organizational culture that is based on ethical behavior and diversity awareness. Ethical issues confront organizations whatever line of business they might be in.

The debates and dilemma surrounding business ethics have tended to attract an enormous amount of attention from various quarters. Consumers and pressure groups appear to be increasingly demanding firms to seek out more ethical and ecologically sounder ways of doing business. The media also constantly seems to be keeping the spotlight on corporate abuses and malpractices. And even firms themselves appear to be increasingly recognizing that being ethical (or at the very least being seen as being ethical) may actually be good for business.

Programme Objectives

The programme provides the means to appreciate and understand business ethics. It helps to improve ethical decision making by providing managers and leaders with the appropriate knowledge and tools that allow them to correctly identify, diagnose, analyze, and provide solutions to the ethical problems and dilemmas they are confronted with.

Business malpractices have the potential to inflict enormous harm on individuals, on communities and the environment. The programme will assist managers and leaders to understand more about the causes and consequences of these malpractices and identify ways of avoiding and managing them.

The programme is an important part of the education of any manager, especially managers with responsibility for foreign operations who are confronted with many ethical issues that do not arise in domestic business. The topics covered and skills developed in the programme are designed to promote ethical behavior that goes beyond a simple knowledge of regulations and legal compliance. It will demonstrate how to create a predominant organizational culture in a way that enhances the quality, credibility and effectiveness of an organization within the global marketplace.


A variety of methods will be used including lectures, interactive discussions, group exercises and discussion on current best practices.

Recognizing how important corporate and organizational accountability is, this program is designed with the challenges of today’s business leaders in mind, built upon a solid foundation of practical and actual case studies.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed with business leaders, executives, and senior managers in mind, those who are hoping to instill a culture of ethical behavior throughout all levels of their organizations.


Two Days