This programme seeks to cultivate the right mindset and to create a cultural change which will support an organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand the corporate mission and values
  • Appreciate the impact of the changing environment on the organization and self
  • Support corporate goals and initiatives
  • Model the corporate values at work
  • Appreciate the importance of customer (internal and external) satisfaction
  • Apply the process and skills of providing excellent customer service
  • Understand the need to work as a team
  • Adopt the right working approach with their bosses and peers
  • Adopt a proper set of personal values and work ethics
  • Develop a personal action plan for implementation.

This programme is NOT just another course. Many training programmes fail because there is a lack of emphasis on the mindset and supporting culture. However, this programme aims to engage both the HEARTs and MINDs of participants so that they will provide excellent customer service. Competencies will be developed in three domains: self, others and customers (see diagram).

The programme is also highly customised to meet the specific needs of an organization. Actions are documented and analyzed for management attention. Follow-up workshops are organized to ensure that actions are successfully implemented.

Through this programme and its variations, SDC has enabled more than 10,000 employees of world-class organization to achieve their competitive edge.


This aim of this programme is to develop competencies in three domains:

SELF: Excelling in a changing world

  • Take responsibility for personal growth (engage in lifelong learning)
  • Take initiative (excellent customer service through action)

CUSTOMERS (Internal & External): Providing quality service

  • Do the right things right (take pride in my work)
  • GLAD to serve you (quality service through Greet, Listen, Act & Depart)

OTHERS: Working as a team

  • Care for self but think overall (don’t be myopic)
  • Hard on issues, soft on people (don’t compromise on quality & excellence)

Who Should Attend?

All employees


Two Days