In the face of an increasingly competitive (even hostile) market, organizations are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, serve their customers better, motivate their employees to higher levels of performance and seek ways to save costs and increase revenues. This is by no means an easy challenge. It is a never–ending journey that needs the involvement and cooperation of everyone in the organization if the continued success of the organization is desired. It involves Systemic Change, viz. changes in structure and technology, systems and procedures, staff and skills levels, mindsets and commitment…..all guided by a common Shared Vision or purpose and driven by a Business Strategy that delivers quality products and services to the Customer…. faster, better and cheaper. This is the essence of competitive advantage.

This workshop is thus designed to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss, understand and identify the characteristics and requirements of an organization going through such changes and the change in attitude and ways of working and relating needed to ensure a smooth transition to a higher performance culture and to stay ahead of the competition all the time.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this Workshop, Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and interpret the likelihood and impact of global, regional and local trends that can affect their business. (SCENARIO THINKING)
  • Gain an intimate knowledge of organizational change and the process of successfully leading and managing it. (KNOWLEDGE)
  • Identify and apply skills to lead and manage changes that they currently face and will have to face in the near future. (SKILLS)
  • Exercise and challenge each other in adopting a positive mindset and commitment to this transformation effort/journey. (MINDSET CHANGE). Also to lead and transform his/her business unit to a higher level of commitment and performance. (NEW WAYS OF WORKING).
  • Develop a personal action plan ( with a buddy ) to do this, both in personal as well as work situations. (LEADING & APPLYING)
  • Communicate and relate with each other and the Facilitator to build up a Network on “coping with change” (SUPPORT SYSTEM – ENCOURAGING & COACHING)

Programme Content

The Programme begins with an in-depth discussion and practice on SCENARIO THINKING as applied to the business. The Programme is then divided into 4 Modules :
Module 1: Understanding the Nature & Need for Change
Module 2: Communicating the Message & Leading the Change
Module 3: Managing Transitions & Dealing with Resistance to Change
Module 4: Follow Through & Holding Gains with Personal Resolve


Together with input / discussion sessions, there will be simulations, role practice sessions, latest videos and cases on change management and testimonies from change leaders in the Organization.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and Supervisors of Business Units.


Three Days