Modern day corporations operate on a global scale. As globalization gathers momentum, contact between business people from other countries is becoming more frequent. The more national boundaries a company crosses, the greater the scope of misunderstanding and conflict. To succeed internationally, it is essential for employees in corporations to be able to break the barriers of culture, language and set patterns of thinking.

In the global business environment, contact with foreign cultures can assume various forms. International assignments, cross-border negotiations and international teams are just few examples where employees encounter differing customs, values and business practices. Employees will be exposed to different working styles and communication approaches which, in turn, can lead to the risk of misunderstanding and confusion. By preparing suitably, corporations will be in a better position not only to pre-empt any difficulties that it or its’ employees may encounter but also to build profitable and rewarding relationships.

Programme Objectives

This programme will benefit employees who are posted on an international assignment, liaise regularly with overseas clients and colleagues or work in an international environment. They will learn the skills to communicate effectively across cultures which are essential for the corporation’s success.

The programme will help managers to negotiate deals and manage business in a different country. It will provide participants with a proven knowledge of cross-culture negotiation techniques and communication skills to better manage contracts and prevent conflicts.

Organizations have realized that their personnel need to understand the dos and don’ts about people from different cultures in order to conduct global business. The programme follows a behavior centered approach. It will provide participants a guide on how to behave appropriately when conducting business internationally.


The programme will be conducted through lectures, discussions, and syndicate work. There will also be case studies which will be reviewed and shared, to highlight the possible scenarios that can happen in a real cross-cultural environment.

Who Should Attend?

General Managers and managers that handle international business and international business development and those that negotiate and implement contracts across cultures. Managers that work as abroad as expatriates.


Two Days