The single most important driver of business success is people. Great, talented people who will help you take your business where you want and need it to go.

As market conditions continue to evolve and companies quickly change business objectives, organizations need the right blend of critical skills. Managers of successful companies are at the forefront of job re-engineering. They will need better and faster methods to assess and match jobs with business talent to succeed in an economy of continuous change. However, companies cannot afford to change their talent pool each time a change occurs. They have to manage their existing talent and take extra effort to change their behaviours, work attitudes and skills. The biggest challenge is the ability to change people’s mindset.

Programme Objectives

Shifting mindset is often at the heart of moving the business forward. Mindset reflects the way people – both as individuals and groups – think and react to new and evolving situations. To move a business in a new direction, the desired mindset would be reflected in eagerness to implement new ways and a willingness to move in new, unchartered directions; an entrenched mindset is often locked in to the current mental approach and past experiences.

This programme outlines the steps that an organization can take to change the mindset of their talent pool so that they can respond positively to the changes and challenges facing the organization.

The programme will cover the following :

  • Understanding the characteristics of mindset.
  • Mental models and heuristics.
  • Why does mindset need to shift?
  • The Fixed and Growth mindsets.
  • Mindset Change – the Meaning of Effort.
  • The Truth about Ability and Accomplishment.
  • The Mindset of an Achiever
  • The Role of the Leader in mindset change.
  • Techniques to deal with fixed mindsets.
  • Tools and processes for changing mindset to manage change in organizations.


The programme will be conducted through lectures, case studies and syndicate work.

Participants will participate in exercises to determine their own mindset and apply appropriate tools to change them.


Two Days