Leadership Challenge is aimed at discovering and releasing the leadership qualities and potential by the participants. Such self discovery will facilitate the participants’ role and learning the five leadership practices. Ultimately, leadership is self-development; the workshop will thus create a learning setting and climates that will encourage participants discover what they value, what inspires or challenges them and what encourages them. These personal discoveries will enable the participants acquire and sharpen their competencies in the five leadership disciplines and practices.

Programme Objectives

  • Learn the basic principles and concepts of leadership practices.
  • Apply the five practices of leadership model and completing The Leadership Practices Inventory relating to the model.
  • Learn how to lead using an experiential approach to learning and identify actions to get things done.
  • Learn to use feedback to identify leadership strengths and behaviors that can be improved.
  • Develop a commitment plan to improve as a leader in each of the five leadership practices and how to sustain them.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and executives at various leadership levels in the organization who are interested to discover personally their leadership qualities and potential and keen to build competencies in the five areas of leadership practices.


Two Days