An organization exists because the tasks which it sets itself are beyond the ability of a single individual to accomplish on his own. For any organization to accomplish its tasks, the people must work together. Hence, amongst the members of an organization, teamwork and co-operation is critical. In order for any organization to get the most from its people, they must all pull in the same direction. This programme will enable participants to recognize their leadership role in the promotion of teamwork.

Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • promote teamwork within the organization;
  • lead and manage teams effectively;
  • improve internal partnership between different departments;
  • build trust and inspire commitment among team members;
  • apply people management skills in conflict resolution and to enhance creativity;
  • analyze their own leadership effectiveness using a conceptual framework and develop actions for team improvement; and
  • assess the impact of their own style on the work environment and develop actions for improvement.


  • Case Studies
  • Group discussions
  • Skills practice & role plays
  • Lecture

Programme Content

Promoting Teamwork The Team Process 
Changing environment and its impact on internal changes The role of members and leaders in a team environmentAn overview Tools and road-maps Stages of team building Improving team productivity
Leading and Managing TeamsPeople Management Skills
Understanding Leading and ManagingFostering company’s Vision, Mission and Values through teamsManaging continuous improvementAvoid suppressing creativityGenerating creativity in a team environmentResolving conflictsNegotiation and building consensus
Improving Internal PartnershipBuilding Trust & Inspiring Commitment
Concept of Internal Customer-Supplier partnershipIneffective partnershipsPractices that impair/block partnershipsPartnership-building to achieve team’s goalsElements of building trustBarriers to building trust and how to overcome themLevels of commitment and behavioral patternsInspiring commitment

Who Should Attend?

Managers, front-line supervisors, team leaders, as well as, anyone who is interested in promoting teamwork and cooperation. 


Two Days