The practice of workplace safety has seen incredible advances in the last decade. Many of the advancements are technologically based, while others fall within the regulatory realm. Still others have been found in how best to train employees and motivate them to be as safe as possible.

Programme Objectives

This programme is designed for corporations who want to take safety performance to the next level – and build a foundation for far reaching organizational excellence. This programme will create a greater awareness of the importance of safety as an important and integral part of the business and why it is essential to move the focus of safety beyond mere compliance.

The programme will chart new directions in safety improvements by showing how leading companies are changing the future of safety by using safety as a foundation for excellence in reliability, productivity, quality and profitability. This programme is designed to show what leadership practices are most effective and how to develop these qualities amongst the employees. It will give a top-to-bottom integrated approach to safety and how to get employees buy-in for safety “from the ground up”.

This programme will explain the legal, regulatory and ethical obligations of both the corporations and the management. It will highlight how safety is a business proposition and how it has become part of the business agenda as there is a cost benefit to implement safety correctly and effectively throughout the organization. Participants will understand the importance of developing a good safety culture in the corporation and learn the concrete steps that should be taken to develop this culture.

Who Should Attend?

Members of the Board, Managing Directors and senior members of the management team, department heads, business development managers and Safety Managers and supervisors.


Two Days