Why are some business leaders able to move in and out of business situations with confidence and ease? The secret is their ability as skilled negotiators. Being an effective negotiator is a critical key factor in business success.

Today, more business enterprises, both large and small, are entering the international marketplace. Negotiating and drafting international business agreements can bring a host of challenges that aren’t normally at issue in domestic deal-making. In addition, language, custom and cultural barriers can make the process particularly challenging for even the most seasoned practitioner.

Programme Objectives

This programme will help managers to approach business negotiations from the global business person’s point of view. This approach includes aspects of cross culture negotiations, something which is more difficult to manage. This programme is about negotiating effectively. The approach is pragmatic and practical.

The programme will cover the following:

  • Key Factors in Successful Business Negotiation.
  • Identifying negotiating strategies and tactics,
  • Mastering the Art of Collaboration and Compromise,
  • Mastering multiparty negotiation,
  • The Impact of Culture in Business negotiation.
  • Negotiating International Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Partnership and Collaboration Agreements,
  • Negotiating Shareholder Agreements.
  • Conflict of law and jurisdiction issues.
  • Assessing Economic and Political Risks.

Who Should Attend?

Members of the management team, international business development managers and managers managing global business operations.


The programme will be conducted through lectures, case studies and group work.


Two Days