Everybody negotiates. Everybody can learn to negotiate better, more effectively and with better outcomes for themselves…and, if possible, for their opponents as well…a ‘win-win’ outcome. This is important because either parties (or all parties involved and affected) must live with the outcomes. These outcomes can be in the form of formal/informal agreements accompanied by the feelings of goodwill, trust, integrity and fair-play that may make or break them. With this in mind, this workshop is designed to provide a structure against which participants would be able to rate their effectiveness, practice appropriate skills, receive immediate feedback on their impact and lastly, plan some changes in their approach to and style of negotiating for gain and influencing for change to ensure they do indeed become more effective negotiators/influence-rs.

Programme Objectives

At the close of the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain an integrated Model for Negotiation and Influence and relate it to their own experiences.
  • Better plan for, strategies and carry out negotiations with more confidence.
  • Diagnose their own and other people’s impact in negotiating.
  • Gain additional skills and upgrade their present skills through four practice sessions: individually and in teams.
  • Appreciate and begin to act on feedback of their negotiating/influencing behavior from others.
  • Describe the characteristics and dynamics of different negotiating situations and how to deal with them effectively.
  • Assess own skills in influencing others and ways to be more effective.
  • Plan some personal changes to improve their approach to and style of negotiating/influencing.

Programme Content

Major Sessions:

  • Own Rating as a Negotiator
  • Integrated Model for Negotiations and Influence
  • Practice Sessions with feedback : 4
  • Strategy, Tactics and counter-measures
  • Handling difficult situations: e.g. Impasse, Deadlocks…etc,
  • Input sessions enhanced by video films and video feedback.
  • Influencing Skills: proposing ideas, changing mindsets
  • Resolving a major case: role play
  • Planning for personal improvement: first steps
  • Post program support: suggestions


This will be a highly participative workshop where learning new approaches and sharpening negotiating skills are mainly by action learning through role plays. This will be supplemented by appropriate lecture/discussion, personal feedback sessions and video films and video feedback (if needed). Concepts and theories will be culled from life experiences in negotiating/influencing and/or from the role plays. Participants will find that they benefit as much from the workshop as they get involved. An Assessment of Learning (of the major points) will be available at the end of the workshop if needed. Each participant will have to announce one/two personal improvements in their approach/style in negotiating or influencing. The major case role play could be an in-house case or a pre-written generic case with the former preferred but taking some time to write up.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who need to negotiate as part of their work role or to influence others to get ideas across and to get things done. It is assumed that participants have had some experiences in negotiations at work and outside work. This will be useful as discussion points during the workshop. The workshop is especially targeted at high performing executives/managers and in which case advanced cases will be used.


Three Days