It is a truism that the future is unpredictable. However, its development can be better anticipated through developing and using scenarios. Scenarios are stories about different and plausible futures that can be created using the powerful scenario thinking and planning tools. They assist the decision makers and business planners to be more anticipative and adaptive to the changes and critical uncertainties impacting their businesses as they navigate the future.

Programme Objective

  1. Understand the concepts and processes of scenario thinking and planning and their uses in decision making
  2. Understand the benefits of using scenario thinking to challenge “business-as-usual” thinking and mental models and stimulate out of the box thinking,
  3. Understand the application of scenario planning to enhance quality of decision making processes and
  4. Acquire knowledge and basic skills of building scenarios to address future uncertainties and risks.
  5. Make better decisions about the future by avoiding bad decisions through recognizing warning signals early and evaluating unfolding developments.
  6. Integrate scenarios into the strategic business planning process for the company.


The 2-day interactive programme is designed to expose the participants to a comprehensive overview of scenario thinking and planning; the process of building scenarios and understanding their value and applications to business decisions, strategy development and organizational learning.

Participants will also learn how to craft scenarios and integrate scenarios into planning through a hands-on experience in working on a real “mini scenario” exercise – an integral element of the course.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for CEOs, Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Risk Officers, Corporate planning Managers and Managers who manage and operate business operations.


Two Days