A learning organization is made up of employees who are skilled at creating, acquiring, transferring, and sharing knowledge, to change their behaviors an enable the organization to become adaptive to the constantly changing environment.

In this program participants will learn the five disciplines of the learning organization developed by Peter Senge – personal mastery, shared vision, mental model, systems thinking and team learning. Acquiring these disciplines and practicing them are key to creating the learning organization.

Programme Objectives

  • Learn the concepts and tools relating to the 5 disciplines of the learning organization
  • Gain an understanding of the application of learning tools to real work issues
  • Increase understanding of own assumptions about work and the influence of “ mental models’’ on one’s thoughts and behaviors
  • Practice holding productive conversations with others.

Who Should Attend?

This program is targeted at managers and executives who are keen in fostering organizational learning and a continuous learning culture in the organization or work unit.


Two Days