The Customer Service programme (CSP) for customer service staff or front-liners serves to cultivate and reinforce the right mindset and develop skills in customer handling and communication. The topics covered are:

  • Importance of customer satisfaction
  • Customer’s needs and expectations
  • Effective communication and feedback skills
  • Customer satisfaction process
  • Telephone handling skills
  • Managing complaints and difficult customers.

Programme Objectives

The Customer Service Management programme (CSM) for supervisors and managers aims to help them manage and support their staff in achieving internal and external customer satisfaction. It also emphasises coaching and empowering front-liners in providing service excellence.

The topics include:

  • Importance of customer satisfaction
  • Customer’s needs and expectations
  • Customer satisfaction process
  • Taking appropriate action to address what is important to customers
  • Application of service skills to increase customer loyalty
  • Building commitment and teamwork to better meet customer expectations.
  • The programmes adopt a total systems approach to managing customers and go beyond simply focusing on customer contact behavior.

In addition, they include a problem-solving approach to achieving customer satisfaction and incorporate the need to develop strong internal partnerships.

Who Should Attend?

CSP is suitable for customer service staff or front-liners. CSM is suitable for supervisors and managers.


Two Days