A crisis is a change – either sudden or evolving – that results in an urgent problem that must be addressed quickly. For a business, a crisis is anything with the potential to cause sudden and serious damage to its employees, reputation or bottom line. A major crisis will affect the entire organization and in some cases it can lead to its collapse.

All organizations are subject to crisis. In business crisis comes in many varieties. The spectrum is so wide that it is impossible to list each type. There are the product-related crisis, inefficient management-related crisis, the breakdown of technology, the crisis from the outbreak of diseases and those that stem from acts of human malice or criminal behavior. There are also the major crisis such as accident or natural disasters that result in the loss of life and property. All these crisis leads to an erosion of public confidence and cause business interruptions which can have major financial implications to the organization.

Programme Objectives

Managers whose organizations encounter a crisis must act quickly – to recognize its source, contain it, and eventually resolve it with the least amount of damage. In this sense crisis management is part of a larger system of organizational risk management, yet few managers receive any formal training in this crucial area. The programme aims to remedy the situation by explaining the essentials of crisis management and providing a practical framework for stabilizing, then mastering an unanticipated crisis.

It will give the manager a practical framework for coming to grips with and mastering an unplanned and unanticipated damaging event. It will also explain the processes and actions that are necessary to develop contingency plans and what should be done to ensure business continuity so as to protect the interest of the employees, customers, suppliers and the company itself. The programme will provide detailed instructions and practical solutions for managing a crisis. It will provide participants with ready-to-use tools for use in an emergency.


The programme will be conducted through lectures and case studies of actual crisis that have affected organizations. It will also include syndicate work to give participants the chance to practice what they have learnt. Participants will be provided course materials for use during the session.

Who Should Attend?

Managing Directors and members of the management team of corporations including head of operations and senior managers and executives that manage business units.


Two Days