The effective Executive is a person who is not only self confident, self competent but is comfortable and effective with people. In these competitive times, a compelling and, indeed, critical skill is in one’s ability in working with and through people whether superiors, colleagues, subordinates or customers and suppliers. This programme provides the opportunity for participants to examine the way they relate with others in different situations and how they can be more / less effective and to learn from it. Particularly, effectiveness in small groups or work teams will be focused on.

The emphasis will be on engaging effectively with all types of people at work and socially. Issues of leadership, teamwork, communications and motivation will be examined and participants will be given feedback from facilitators and colleagues.

Programme Objectives

It enables participants to:

  • Define the significant team-working dimensions that are important to executives.
  • Learn specific skills that will enhance one’s effectiveness in interacting & relating with people.
  • Test the learning of the skills discussed through both experiential and conceptual exercises.
  • Facilitate the development of individual action plans that will help the participants address their ‘people’ concerns back at their work place.

Programme Content

Major topics would include:

  • communicating & relating well with people
  • working effectively in teams
  • dealing with differences and potential conflicts
  • understanding leader & follower behaviors
  • contributing with confidence and commitment
  • motivation and expectations: what makes people tick?


Workshop format, supported by cases, discussions and experiential exercises, of which some may be outdoor. Video films and role plays will add a further dimension to the workshop. A ‘positive provocative’ approach will bring out issues opening and frankly.

Who Should Attend?

All young executives from all functions. Maximum no of participants: 20.


Two Days