CDC CONSULTING – provide some opportunities for personal capability development for the people. These Webinars will be specially designed to suit your collective needs….in response to a simple survey for you to express the development priorities of your staff/people.

Terms and Conditions
Webinar Providers:
Selected presenter with interesting and relevant topics to share
Fees charged to Companies:
RM1,000 (for 10 Webinars for 10 months @ 1 Webinar per month): Paid to CDC Consulting.
Duration of Webinars:
1 hour (40 min talk + 2 0 min Q & A)
Expected Launching
Late October/early November 2020 (1st Webinar) …after at least 5 Companies enrolled. Appreciate enrolment latest by 1st October.
The 1-hour Webinar:
Dates and times decided by Presenter & CDC Consulting. One Webinar per month. Four Webinars mannounced an advance with topic synopsis and profile of presenter. Reminders to be sent out about 10 days before Webinars.
Ranging from Self-Development, Leadership & Communication, Talent Identification & Development, Business Skills, Finance, Supply and Procurement to Strategic Thinking, Risk & Governance, etc.,
The workforce and their Head of HR & Admin + others in company (about 10 pax per Webinar per Company). Total pax per Zoom Webinar max at 400 i.e. about 40 Companies.

Do contact Mazwin at 016-2177498 or email to mazwin@cdc.edu.my for further details.

The link to the survey will also be available here https://docs.google.com/forms